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KUNO is an initiative of ten NGOs and five Dutch knowledge institutes from the Dutch humanitarian sector in 2017. For the current members please see our partners page. KUNO’s goal is to strengthen the humanitarian sector in the Netherlands.


KUNO stands for Kennisuitwisseling over Noodhulp, or ‘Humanitarian Knowledge Exchange’. We are a platform of practitioners, academics and policymakers in the Dutch humanitarian sector. We bring together available humanitarian knowledge in the Netherlands and connect the Dutch humanitarian field to knowledge from abroad. KUNO strengthens humanitarian action and Dutch humanitarian thought-leadership by stimulating learning, reflection and debate.


The Netherlands is one of the biggest global humanitarian players: the Dutch government is the 10th donor worldwide and the Dutch public is a big contributor to humanitarian action. The Dutch humanitarian field is broad and diverse; varied expertise is available from academics, policymakers and practitioners. Cross-sectoral exchange of knowledge, however, is modest in the Netherlands, and translating existing knowledge into new actions and policies remains a challenge. KUNO was founded to facilitate this process of knowledge sharing and reflection. In this way, KUNO helps the Dutch humanitarian sector to further innovate and jointly meet the challenges of the future.