Global crises, local action: a humanitarian reset in response to COVID-19?

This webinar discusses the possibilities that the Covid-19 pandemic presents for the localization of aid. Will the pandemic lead to sustainable change and equitable partnerships?

Decades-long commitments to supporting more ‘local’ responses to crises have not resulted in significant shifts in the traditional humanitarian system. Funding, decision-making and capacity continue to be concentrated in large international aid actors. Experts are now highlighting the critical role that local responders will play in relation to Covid-19 given their ability to act fast, engage communities and maintain delivery in the context of national and international travel restrictions. Will this lead to a reset of the humanitarian system? Or, beyond the rhetoric, will it be business as usual?

This event is part of the Overseas Development Institute at 60 global reset dialogue series, challenging decision-makers to provide more sustainable and equitable pathways for the future.