Operationalizing standards: Sphere and the COVID-19 response in camp settings

As the novel coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, continues to spread globally, the risk it presents to populations living in camps and camp-like settings is growing. Camp managers are working quickly to adjust their programs to accommodate social distancing while continuing to communicate with communities and working with partners to improve communal sanitation.

Sphere recently released guidance for how the Sphere Handbook can help guide humanitarian staff in the response to the COVID-19 outbreak. But how should camp managers apply those standards and strengthen the prevention measures recommended by technical sectors?

During this podcast, organized by the Global Camp Coordination and Camp Management Cluster and PHAP, the COVID-19 prevention measures critical to the work of Camp Managers and others working in displacement settings are discussed. You hear from WASH specialists, as well as experienced Camp program staff who have recently been involved in setting up special measures to prevent the spread of disease and develop key messages for populations living in temporary settlements. A representative from Sphere also provides guidance for how the Sphere Handbook can be a useful tool for practitioners in this situation.