Regional, sub-regional and interregional organizations in the Global South as actors in responding to COVID-19

UNOSSC and UNDP Seoul Policy Centre (USPC) jointly organized a webinar, bringing together actors from regional, sub-regional and interregional organizations to share their experiences and responses on support regional, sub-regional and interregional organization are providing to their member States in responding to COVID-19; implications of COVID-19 on regional, sub-regional and interregional cooperation and integration and the role of these organizations in promoting South-South cooperation to respond to COVID-19.

The socio-economic impacts of the novel COVID-19 pandemic are echoed in countries and regions all over the globe. The geographic, economic, and political circumstances of the countries have been defining the response packages. However, each country has a different starting point and an initial response to the pandemic considering the time-shifted outbreak of the virus. Hence, most countries acted individually to combat COVID-19 by implementing emergency response strategies such as nation-wide lockdowns. Consequently, borders have been closed and supply chains have been disrupted.