Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation

The Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation (DCHI) strives to increase the impact and reduce the cost of emergency action through innovation with public and private partners in the Netherlands. DCHI brings together governmental actors, knowledge institutes, academia, businesses, and humanitarian organizations in the Netherlands to develop and scale innovative solutions for humanitarian challenges.

DCHI is a dynamic movement that leverages the power of resources, expertise and capabilities in the Netherlands to support humanitarian innovation with a global impact. The Coalition is recognized and acknowledged as the driving force in the Netherlands for effective humanitarian innovation.
Affected communities and their needs as well as the needs of humanitarian organizations providing emergency action are at the center of the coalition’s activities. The Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation follows a win-win-win strategy to pursue and achieve results on three levels; a benefit for affected communities in disasters, benefits for the partners in Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation, and benefits for the humanitarian sector.

Innovation involves the introduction of new concepts, products, services and ways of working, often in a combination of technical-, social-, and process innovation. DCHI follows an approach in which innovation and transformation in the humanitarian domain go hand in hand, and reinforce each other. Within the coalition, a range of stakeholders innovate together in order to achieve results which are beyond what each party could do on its own.

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