Woord en Daad

Woord en Daad works from a Biblical perspective on sustainable change for people in poverty.

In a broken world full of poverty and injustice, Woord en Daad seeks to make the signs of God’s coming Kingdom visible. The Christian perspectives of justice and compassion motivate us each day to contribute to a sustainable change that benefit all people.

Woord en Daad connects people worldwide in their efforts to overcome poverty and to realize a dignified existence for every individual.

Core values
Five core values can be derived from our mission, vision and strategy. These guide our choices at various levels and determine our policy. Our core values are:

  • Co-responsibility – Responsible for yourself, your neighbour and creation
  • Fellow creature – Creature of God, equal and unique
  • Compassion – Close to and alongside people who suffer
  • Stewardship – Treating human beings, resources and the environment with care
  • Interdependence – Independent in choices, dependent in collaboration

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