"Working together to create equal opportunities!"

About me

Currently I am the Crisis Coordinator of the Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA), delegated to this position from my role as Programme Coordinator at Stichting Vluchteling (the Netherlands Refugee Foundation), one of the partners of the DRA.

The Dutch Relief Alliance is a coalition of 14 Dutch aid organisations, that responds to major international crises in a timely and effective manner. The DRA executes its programmes in partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).

As Crisis Coordinator I am overseeing all matters related to the Joint Responses in Acute and Protracted Crises. This includes liaising with MoFA and with Joint Response leads and supporting the development of proposals for our programmes, in terms of narrative proposals, logframes, indicators and budgets. I am also chair of the Collaboration Working Group, that supports Joint Responses to deliver high quality programs and the Early Warning Task Force, monitoring crises worldwide. As Crisis Coordinator I am a member of the DRA Committee (the Board of Directors of the DRA), which is responsible for daily management of the DRA.

As Programme Coordinator at Stichting Vluchteling (SV) I am the focal point of various projects that we support in the Horn and East Africa. The projects have the aim of providing qualitative support to refugees, displaced people, host communities, returnees; focusing on the most vulnerable people amongst these groups. We respond to the world’s worst humanitarian crises, providing emergency aid, shelter, medical care, food, clean drinking water and sanitary facilities to those in need. I am the linking pin between various stakeholders that we work with: our implementing partner organizations Intersos, International Rescue Committee (IRC) and local partners, back donors such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Samenwerkende Hulp Organisaties (SHO) and major donors.

I have always been interested in ways to support vulnerable people, with a focus on Africa. My motivation is ensuring equal opportunities for all; by strengthening and empowering those in need.

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