"Enhance the effectiveness of the engagements of the international community in fragile and conflict-affected situations."

About me

I have been working in the field of peacebuilding and post-conflict reconstruction since 2001 by providing analytical support – conducting evaluations and reviews – to both bilateral donors and multilateral organizations. Having worked at the Policy and Operations Evaluation Department of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I have extensive experience with monitoring and evaluation of assistance programmes, translating the outcomes of these evaluations into policy and operationally relevant recommendations. At Clingendael I have continued to work on monitoring and evaluation issues, with a specific focus on the design and quality assurance of evaluations and reviews of international engagement in fragile and conflict-affected settings. Specializing in transition financing and aid architecture issues, I have supported the international community in enhancing the effectiveness of their engagements in fragile and conflict-affected situations.

• 2017 (forthcoming): Policy Effectiveness Review of Dutch cooperation and contribution to the United Nations (2012-2015) – Security & Rule of Law study. The Hague, Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

• 2016: Achievements of the UN Peacebuilding Commission and challenges moving forward. In: ‘UN Peacebuilding Architecture: The first 10 years’, ed. Cedric de Coning & Eli Stamnes. London, Routledge.

• 2015: Financing for Peacebuilding. Online publication, UN University, Centre for Policy Research.

• 2013: Challenges and opportunities to peacebuilding: analysis of strategic issues identified by country-specific PBF evaluations. The Hague, Clingendael Institute.

• 2011: Managing risks in fragile and transitional contexts: The price of success? Co-authors: ODI and PDT. OECD/DAC Conflict and Fragility Series. Paris, OECD.

• 2010: Pooled funding for transition at the country level. Co-author: Nicole Ball. Prepared for the UNDG/ECHA Task Team on Financing for Transition.

• 2010: Options for a Transition Education Funding Mechanism within EFA FTI Framework. Co-authors: Riselia Bizerra, David Gairdner and Meritxell Relaño. Scanteam Norway.

• 2009: Non-paper on Pooled Funding Mechanisms in Post-Conflict Situations. Co-author: Rutger Kaput. CRU Occasional Paper. The Hague, Clingendael Institute.

• 2009: Review of the Peacebuilding Fund. Co-author: Nicole Ball. London, Department for International Development (DFID).
• 2007: Multi-Donor Trust Funds in Postconflict Situaties: Bevindingen van bestaande reviews vertaald naar de Nederlandse beleidspraktijk (Multi-Donor Trust Funds in Post-Conflict Situations: Findings of existing reviews translated to Dutch policy practice). The Hague, Clingendael Institute.

• 2006: Whole of Government Approaches to Fragile States. Co-author: Luc van de Goor. OECD DAC Guidelines and Reference Series – DAC Reference Document. Paris, OECD DAC.

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