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About me

After finishing my studies at Nijmegen University (Environment and Developing countries) and spending over 10 years working in Tanzania, Pakistan/Afghanistan and Cambodia, I returned to the Netherlands in 2002 where I joined Save the Children. As Head of Programmes I provided support to building the organization, its program portfolio and the SC Alliance. In Afghanistan (The Dutch Consortium for Uruzgan) and in the Netherlands (The Dutch Relief Alliance) I worked with fantastic colleagues from INGOs and LNGOs to build these consortia from the ground upwards.
As there is quite a gap between the ambitious global trends and discussions and the ‘on-the-ground’ reality,¬†I recently decided to re-focus on supporting our country offices. Recognizing the lack of specific expertise in urban disaster preparedness and response management and the obvious need for localization¬† made me to join the SC Urban Technical Working Group in order put ‘urbanisation of humanitarian crisis and aid’ on the agenda.

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