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About me

After finishing my studies at Nijmegen University (Environment and Developing countries) and spending over 10 years working in Tanzania, Pakistan/Afghanistan and Cambodia, I returned to the Netherlands in 2002 where I joined Save the Children. As Head of Programmes I provided support to building the organization, its program portfolio and the SC Alliance. In Afghanistan (The Dutch Consortium for Uruzgan) and in the Netherlands (The Dutch Relief Alliance) I worked with fantastic colleagues from INGOs and LNGOs to build these consortia from the ground upwards.
As there is quite a gap between the ambitious global trends and discussions and the ‘on-the-ground’ reality, I recently decided to re-focus on supporting our country offices. Recognizing the lack of specific expertise in urban disaster preparedness and response management and the obvious need for localization  made me to join the SC Urban Technical Working Group in order put ‘urbanisation of humanitarian crisis and aid’ on the agenda.

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