Conflict-Related Sexual Violence – by the Mukwege Foundation

Conflict-Related Sexual Violence – by the Mukwege Foundation 1
A new Guidebook on Conflict Related Sexual Violence. It is a practical tool for local and international NGOs, legal advisors, advocacy officers and survivors.

In 2022, according to the UN, Conflict-Related Sexual Violence (CRSV) reportedly occurred in 20 countries around the world. CRSV refers to any act of a sexual nature committed against any person under coercive circumstances without their consent, that is directly or indirectly linked to a conflict.

The Red Line Initiative of the Mukwege Foundation is a global campaign that aims to eliminate the use of sexual violence in conflict. Sexual violence in conflict and as a method of warfare can no longer be accepted as an unfortunate but unpreventable part of armed conflict. Instead, it must be prioritised as an entirely unacceptable tactic that has no place in modern warfare. As a first step in their campaign, they launched the “Guidebook on State Obligations for Conflict-Related Sexual Violence”. Find the online Guidebook here.

The Guidebook compiles all of the applicable international law and norms relating to CRSV to inform States of their current obligations under international humanitarian law, international human rights law, and UN Security Council resolutions. The Guidebook also aims to raise awareness and strengthen the capacity of civil society, including survivor groups, activists and humanitarian organizations to assert their rights, and to support their advocacy efforts to hold States accountable.

KUNO, the platform for humanitarian knowledge exchange, invites the Mukwege Foundation to present this Guidebook. What does the Guidebook entail? Why is there a need for such a Guidebook? How can the Guidebook be used as an advocacy tool by survivor groups, civil society and NGOs? And how is it specifically relevant for humanitarians?

We invite you to participate in an active way! What would you like to know? What would you like to ask? What is unclear?


  • Erin Rosenberg, Mukwege Foundation’s senior legal and policy advisor,
  • Luca Caroli, Mukwege Foundation’s legal researcher,
  • First reflections: 
    • Graciela van der Poel, senior humanitarian officer and specialized in gender equality and GBV in emergencies.

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