The Way We Work

Humanitarian practice is changing all the time. Long-term crises, such as migration and climate change, generate new needs and require new methodologies. The changing geo-political context imposes new dilemmas, meanwhile new actors step into the scene and new technologies bring new possibilities – and risks.

(Enforced) adaption requires good thinking and questioning. What is the added value of International NGOs from the Global North? How can international NGOs support – and not overrule – local leadership? How do NGOs implement new technologies with minimal risk? What should they learn from previous successes and failures? How can the sector improve and innovate to support more people at a lower cost?

Under the header The Way We Work, KUNO will focus on different issues that touch on the essence of humanitarianism: Localisation, the decolonization of aid, the Nexus, open data, artificial Intelligence, and humanitarian governance. One leading question will be: how should we adapt to remain trustworthy and reliable allies for those in the highest need? This includes thinking ahead to 25 years from now.

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