Authoritarian Practices and Humanitarian Negotiations

Authoritarian Practices and Humanitarian Negotiations
Book presentation & discussion


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About the book and the presentation

The Frontline Project, an initiative to improve humanitarian access (by Stichting Vluchteling, INTERSOS and IRC), and KUNO invite you to the presentation of ‘Authoritarian Practices and Humanitarian Negotiations’. This recently published book is an academic study that offers case studies on the international and domestic legal and political framing of humanitarian contexts (Xinjiang, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Russia, and Syria), as well as the actual practice of negotiating with authoritarian regimes (Ethiopia). Also, a theoretical grounding is provided through chapters elaborating on the ethics and trust-building dimensions of humanitarian negotiations, and an overview chapter provides a theoretical framework through which to analyse humanitarian negotiations against the backdrop of different types of authoritarian practices.

Frontline and KUNO would like to discuss the new insights of this study with authors of the study and humanitarian practitioners.

This volume not only provides superior real-life analysis of state-aid relations, it also brings many pointers for humanitarians to improve how they negotiate humanitarian access with states’

Thea (Dorothea) Hilhorst, Professor of Humanitarian Studies at the International Institute for Social Studies of Erasmus University.


  • Andrew Cunningham, researcher for various humanitarian organisations, board member of the International Humanitarian Studies Association: general presentation of the book.
  • Rod Mena / Rodrigo Mena Fluhmann, Assistant Professor, Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University: presentation of two case studies.
  • Barbara Boekhoudt, Humanitarian Access Specialist at Stichting Vluchteling, Frontline Project: first reflections.
  • Essie Opoka, Training and Capacity Specialist at the International Rescue Committee, Frontline Project: first reflections.

The presentations will be followed by an open discussion.
Moderated by Peter Heintze, KUNO.

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