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Tigray reviewed: Northern Ethiopia and the failure of the humanitarian collective (2020-2023)

Tigray reviewed

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‘The international UN-led humanitarian system failed to protect the civilian population in Northern Ethiopia (Tigray, Afar and Amhara) between November 2020 and April 2023.’ This is the indisputable conclusion of the independent evaluation, commissioned by the Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluation Group, performed by HERE Geneva and published in early June 2024.

The world witnessed large-scale sexual violence and civilians dying of starvation, as humanitarian personnel were arrested, detained and tortured. The Ethiopian federal government was highly effective at blocking aid; at the same time UN Agencies underperformed due to a lack of leadership in the response and an absence of clear reporting lines and accountability.

Several failures could have easily been prevented.


These critical constructive conclusions of the HERE-study (based on 186 interviews, 44 focus group discussions and extensive document reviews) need careful reflection by the humanitarian sector. All the more, as we witness in Sudan similar mechanisms that prevent the humanitarian sector from building an adequate response.


  • Ed Schenkenberg, Director of HERE Geneva and leader of the evaluation team.

Ed will kick-off the working session by presenting the main results of the study, after which we will have an open discussion.

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