Migration and Climate change are major global crises that have an important impact on humanitarian action. They bring new challenges to daily humanitarian practice and perhaps even humanitarian principles. KUNO will facilitate reflection on system innovations that are needed in the fields of Migration and Climate & Environment. Furthermore, KUNO will present training on how to bring this into practice. Under the third key topic, The way we work, many of the existing KUNO-topics will be continued. This third theme focusses on how the sector should adapt itself in order to remain relevant – also on a long term. It will touch upon themes as Localization and the Decolonisation of Aid). And on topics like the Humanitarian-Development Nexus, the Future of international NGOs, or Artificial Intelligence in Humanitarian responses.

We are aware these three issues are inter-related, often even intertwined. We trust that when the three will come together the thought innovation needed is probably most challenging and can lead to in-depth reflections and discussions.