Foreign aid and its unintended consequences – Dirk-Jan Koch

Foreign aid and its unintended consequences – Dirk-Jan Koch
Book presentation & discussion

Summary report

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About the event

Foreign aid and its unintended consequences is a tour de horizon on the impact of development cooperation and humanitarian aid. In his new book Prof Dirk-Jan Koch presents a new lens of looking at foreign aid: identifying unintended consequences, both negative and positive. This new lens should lead to new ways of thinking about aid and development as well as to new ways of working.

The International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) and KUNO present an introduction of this thought-provoking publication, focusing on the humanitarian angle.


  • Presentation by prof. Dirk-Jan Koch, Chief Science Officer of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Special Professor of International Trade & Development Cooperation at Radboud University, the Netherlands.
  • First impressions from different perspectives (academia, policy, practitioner, Global South):
    • Thea Hilhorst, Professor of Humanitarian Studies, International Institute of Social Studies,
    • Suying Lai, Oxfam Novib (Head SAFE Unit) & KUNO (Chair),
    • Stijn Janssen, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Senior Advisor to the Director General for International Cooperation,
    • John Cruzatti, assistant Professor of Development Economics, International Institute of Social Studies.
  • Open discussion
  • Network drinks

The session will be moderated by Milka Yemane.

Interview with Dirk Jan Koch

KUNO got the opportunity to do an interview with Dirk Jan Koch about his book. You can read it here.

Dirk Jan Koch about Foreign Aid and its Unintended Consequences

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