How to shift to locally led action? A joint KUNO and ReflACTION event

How to shift to locally led action? A joint KUNO and ReflACTION event
What does it take to shift international crisis response to locally led collaborative action? The core question in the event that will bring together experienced professionals and free thinkers from different backgrounds with an interest in actively contributing to fundamental transformation of humanitarian aid.

During the event we will focus on changing approaches to aid management and practice, and the relationship between crisis-affected people and aid actors, particularly with regard to recipients’ roles in decision-making processes. The event will link the current debate in The Netherlands about the future of aid with the results of the ReflACTION community and the ideas for the path ahead.

Furthermore, with the upcoming ReflACTION Innovation Forum on locally-led crisis response in November, a major milestone of the initiative lies ahead. There is plenty to share, shape and plan for the near future as well as for the time beyond.

Details on the programme and on the venue will follow. Already now you find more information on the ReflACTION online platform where you can join the community.

Update: Report

The report of the workshop can be found here.

About ReflACTION

ReflACTION is an independent and open platform calling for a truly collaborative international response to crisis. Since early 2017 a group of individuals has embarked on an exciting journey into the emerging future of international response to crises.

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