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Let's talk about the goals and bottlenecks that NGO's want to bring to the Climate Change Conference and the impact of climate change on the most affected countries.

Summary report

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About the event

The UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) will take place in about a month (30th of November – 12th of December). The goal of these conferences is to review progress made by members of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to limit global warming and its consequences. The UNFCCC is an agreement between 197 countries of the United Nations. The agreement is to stabilise greenhouse gas concentrations at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic (human-induced) interference with the climate system.

During this Humanitarian Cafe prior to the Climate Change Conference, organized by the Red Cross and KUNO, we want to address the goals and bottlenecks that NGO’s want to bring to the COP. During this event we want to talk about questions like: What are your priorities? What can we do together? And what message do we want to bring across?


  • Fleur Monasso, Manager Capacity, Strengthening and Partnerships at the Red Cross Climate Center,
  • Rosa van Driel, Policy Advisor Climate Justice at CARE,
  • John Ede, President Ohaha Family Foundation (Nigeria), dealing with climate induced disasters.

These statements will be followed by an open discussion with all participants facilitated by Klaartje Docters van Leeuwen (Red Cross), under Chatham House Rule.

After that there will be plenty of time for drinks, bites and networking.

This edition of the Humanitair Cafe is brought to you by Red Cross and KUNO.

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About the Humanitair Cafe

The Humanitarian Cafe is an irregular series aimed to strengthen the Dutch humanitarian community, to feed your brain and strengthen your network. During Humanitarian Cafes, humanitarian professionals reflect on their humanitarian work and engage into critically constructive dialogues (under Chatham House Rule).

This initiative is supported by MSF-Netherlands (Artsen zonder Grenzen), the DRA, the humanitarian department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Red Cross and KUNO.

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