KUNO Covid-Café: A crisis in a crisis: The unfolding of a humanitarian catastrophe in Libya

KUNO Covid Café: the Covid-crisis in the Global South 1
KUNO presents a new series of Covid-Cafés on specific countries: Afghanistan, Colombia, Zimbabwe and Libya. What are the specific challenges in these countries? What innovative solutions did humanitarians develop? How do local civil society organizations and international NGOs cope?


Cordaid & KUNO invite you to the online Covid-Café on Libya on Thursday 3 December, 15:00 CET.

By August 2020 the UNHCR reported almost 400,000 internally displaced people and almost 500,000 returnees. These numbers illustrate that Libya is dealing with a huge humanitarian crisis. In addition, more than 45,000 refugees and asylum-seekers were registered in Libya this year, travelling through dangerous routes hoping to eventually reach Europe.

Almost 1,000 people have drowned in the Mediterranean this year and many more have been intercepted and brought back by the EU-funded Libyan coast guard. They are held captive in Libyan detention camps under horrific conditions. With the Covid-19 crisis this humanitarian crisis has further deteriorated. Do the Netherlands and Europe take their responsibility in this crisis and what should be urgent and humane solutions? How can European leaders take ownership and leadership to solve this crisis?


The Covid-Café on Libya will be co-hosted by Bob van Dillen (Cordaid), Sabina Atzei (Cordaid) and Peter Heintze (KUNO).

In the rather informal setting of the Covid-Cafés, we discuss challenges and opportunities, and how Covid-19 is worsening an already bad situation. We invite (local) speakers to briefly share their experiences and recommendations, and participants to respond with questions and possible solutions. We seek to learn from the experience of humanitarians in different parts of the world. And we certainly hope to meet you in one of our upcoming Covid-Cafés.

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