KUNO Covid Café: how Covid changes the world

KUNO Covid Café: the Covid-crisis in the Global South 1
The Covid-19 crisis is posing a challenge to the world in unprecedented ways and it is influencing our daily lives. It will most definitely also change our work in the humanitarian sector. This needs to be discussed: with humanitarian professionals, with policymakers, academics, and certainly also with a broader audience: citizens that are firmly interested this topic, but who may also have worries. This is why KUNO in cooperation with partners, is introducing the KUNO Covid Café. Every week we organize an online café, to discuss the changing world with inspiring speakers and a wide audience.

In the second episode of the KUNO Covid Café we were happy to host a conversation between  Michiel Servaes (CEO Oxfam Novib NL) and Tineke Ceelen (CEO St. Refugee). They talked about how Covid changes the world and our work in the humanitarian sector.

A short report in Dutch and in English can be found here.

This webinar was in Dutch. 

(Re-)watch the Webinar here!

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