Sanctions on Syria and the impact on humanitarian aid and early recovery programming

Sanctions on Syria and the impact on humanitarian aid and early recovery programming

A humanitarian practitioners exchange & learning event
On invitation only!

Sanctions and donors’ redlines on early recovery programs have a persisting negative impact on humanitarian aid in Syria. These regulations and redlines are unclear and quite complex for humanitarian professionals. Furthermore, there seems to be a growing trend of overcompliance to these regulations by international NGOs working in Syria.

KUNO, the platform for humanitarian knowledge exchange, and Mohammad Kanfash of the Center for Conflict Studies organize a humanitarian practitioners exchange and learning session to explore challenges, bottlenecks and potential ways forward for humanitarian practice in Syria.

Sub issues we would like to discuss:

  • Lack of funding (as an external challenge)
  • Lack of clarity on rules and regulations by donors (external challenge)
  • De-risking by NGOs, in terms of early recovery (internal challenge)
  • Overcompliance by NGOs (internal challenge)


  • Mohammad Kanfash, researcher at the Centre for Conflict Studies at Utrecht University, Founder of Damaan Humanitarian Organisation,
  • Fulco van Deventer, Deputy Director Human Security Collective & Associate Fellow ICCT (International Centre for Counter-Terrorism).

This learning session will mainly be a face-to-face discussion (we’ll only allow very limited online participation) under Chatham House Rule. Participants should be able and willing to share the bottlenecks they encounter – both within and outside their organisations.


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