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Stop Filming Us - Discussion with director Joris Postema

Stop Filming Us - Film screening and discussion with director Joris Postema
Documentary maker Joris Postema explores how people in Goma (DRC) value the way African people are portrayed in Western media. His journey leads to special encounters, serious discussions, and remarkable insights. And for many who have been working ‘in the field’ the 55 minutes present numerous recognizable dilemmas. Stop Filming Us is a must-see for anybody who is working in humanitarian aid or development aid.

KUNO presented a film screening and an opportunity to engage further discussion with Joris Postema and one another. The ZOOM session of the discussion was recorded and can be viewed below. Moreover, a short overview of the discussion and the main elements that came forward in the panel can be consulted.

Panel members:

  • Nina Schmitz, Head of Communication & Fundraising – Stichting Vluchteling
  • Daan Verbaan, Coordinator Disaster Management & Humanitarian – Kerk in Actie
  • Joris Postema

Joris Postema is director of ‘Stop Filming Us’. Postema made his debut in 2013 with the documentary FC Rwanda, which traveled all over the world, from Ivory Coast to Denmark and from Canada to Italy. In his documentaries Joris digs for stories hidden under the surface.

Stop Filming Us
in the newspapers:

Stop Filming Us sharpens the topic, without becoming tough or theoretical. This is mainly due to the self-critical perspective and the organic character of the film, which is constantly open to what comes its way” **** – Kevin Toma, de Volkskrant

“It’s a movie that matters. That prickles.” ****- NRC

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