The decolonization of aid #3: a conversation from a humanitarian perspective

Decolonization of Aid - a conversation
In a series of dialogues, this conversation will be the third.

The series

With the  #BLM debates, and other anti-racism protests, the discussion about the decolonization of aid got an impulse. Blogs, panel discussions (sometimes very heated) and Tweets stumbled over one another. We witnessed many statements and opinions, but perhaps not so much common ground to proceed from.

KUNO, Partos, and The Institute of Social Studies (ISS) we take one step back and approach the discussion in a series of talks. Step by step, we highlight an aspect of this debate. We ask two experts to engage in a conversation with one another to explore the controversies and perhaps find some common grounds.


  • Tammam Aloudat, Senior Strategic Advisor, MSF Access Campaign.
  • Nanette Antequisa, director ECOWEB and active member of A4EP.

All dialogues in this series will be moderated by:

  • Kiza Magendane, The Broker, knowledge broker, essayist and writer, and
  • Thea Hilhorst, professor Humanitarian Aid at the International Institute of Social Studies

Looking back

Did you miss the first session? You can watch a recording of the zoom-session or you can listen to a podcast of the session.
You can also take a look at the summary report, created by The Broker.

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