The Trouble with Aid - Movie afternoon

Movie afternoon

About the movie 'The trouble with aid'

During this movie afternoon, we will watch the documentary ‘The trouble with aid‘.

The documentary film The Trouble with aid travels through the history of modern humanitarianism, starting in the Biafran war in the late 1970s to move on to Ethiopia, Rwanda, Afghanistan, and others. It shows some of the core dilemma’s humanitarians face, and how these were dealt with in these different episodes, some of which turned out to be game changers afterwards, for policy, norms and practices in humanitarian aid. The film gives a critical impression of a humanitarian sector where idealism frequently clashes with the everyday politics of crisis and disaster, and its consequences.

After the movie we will discuss the film to see how these complexities shape today’s humanitarian world and its dilemma’s and im/possibilities. Bram Jansen will lead the discussion. Bram is an anthropologist with the Sociology of Development and Change group (SDC) at Wageningen University. His teaching and research focuses on refugee- and humanitarian studies.


16:00 Short introduction and drinks

16:15 Start movie

17:15 Pizza break

18:30 End movie, short discussion

19:00 Wrap up


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