Update North Syria: the impact of earthquakes in a conflict zone

Update North Syria: the impact of earthquakes in a conflict zone

Summary report

Interested in learning more about the situation in North Syria? Read the summary report of this session here!

About the event

Since 2011, Syria has been battered by a conflict, displacing about 17 million people and leaving about 15 million people in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. On February 6th, two large-scale earthquakes hit southeast Turkey and northwest Syria. These earthquakes had particularly severe consequences for the 4.5 million inhabitants of northwest Syria, 4.1 million of whom were already in need of humanitarian assistance. The death toll from the earthquakes in Syria has reached 5,800, with most of the deaths in the northwest, and more than 10,500 buildings collapsed, leaving thousands homeless.

The earthquake in Syria represented a crisis in an already existing humanitarian crisis. 

KUNO presents an update on North Syria with humanitarian professionals that just visited Northern Syria (both government-controlled area and non-governmental-controlled area) and/or with a deep understanding of the complex context of North Syria.


  • Ester van den Berg, program officer Middle East Stichting Vluchteling (Refugee Foundation) – recently visited Idlib, Jindris and Afrin.
  • Robbert van den Berg, Head of Emergency Programme Turkey/Syria Stichting Vluchteling (Refugee Foundation) – recently visited Idlib, Jindris and Afrin.
  • Dirk-Jan Jalvingh, Policy Advisor Conflict and Humanitarian Response Oxfam Novib – recently visited Aleppo.
  • Mohammad Kanfash, researcher at Utrecht University’s School of Law and Centre for Conflict Studies, Founder of Damaan Humanitarian Organization.
  • Kees-Jan Hooglander, Acting Country Director ZOA Syria – in Syria now.

During the update speakers will elaborate on the humanitarian needs and explore issues related to humanitarian access and safety.

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