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Update on war torn Yemen: inside information from local NGOs

Update on war torn Yemen: inside information from local NGOs
Three years of conflict and lawlessness in Yemen did bring the Yemeni hunger, diphtheria and cholera. Nearly three of four Yemenis rely on humanitarian aid to survive. The dire situation is deteriorating every day.

In March the UN Security Council made a strong plea for humanitarian access: Humanitarian support and peace must take the place of destruction. In the first week of April the UN and their international partners launched an international appeal for almost 3 billion US$ for live saving assistance. At a pledging conference in Geneva 2 billion US$ was raised.

Four representatives of NGOs from Yemen, that visited the pledging conference in Geneva, visited also Brussels and other European capitals to share their story with politicians and policy makers. During their tour, facilitated by Oxfam, they made time for an expert meeting for KUNO, the platform for humanitarian knowledge exchange in the Netherlands.


Nabil Al-Kumain, Yemen Family Care Association (based in Sana’a).

Tameem Abdulraqeep, Wedyan Association for Society Development (based in Aden).

Layla Al-faqeeh, Generations Without Qat (based in Taiz).

Safa Murad Rafiq, TOBE Foundation for Rights and Freedoms (based in Aden).


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