Expert meeting

Yemen: expert meeting with CSO's

SC Netherlands
Aisha and her family collect water - Somalia Content trip to Somaliland March 28th till April 8th 2019. With Valerie Kierkels (STC The Netherlands), Martine Bergwerff (STC The Netherlands), Philip Brink (filmer/editor), Marieke van der Velden (photographer) More than 1.5 million people have become internally displaced in Somalia since November 2016 as a result of drought, conflict and flooding. This number is in addition to an existing estimated caseload of 1.1 million people in protracted displacement.
Over four years of conflict and lawlessness in Yemen brought the Yemeni hunger, diphtheria and cholera. Nearly three of four Yemenis rely on humanitarian aid to survive. The dire situation is deteriorating every day.

Three representatives of CSO’s from Yemen visited the Netherlands. Oxfam Novib and KUNO have taken this opportunity to get briefed on the latest developments and to discus dilemmas, bottlenecks and chances with well informed Yemenis and relevant stakeholders.

You can find the report of the meeting here.

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