Climate Change - A Game Changer for Humanitarian Action?

This webinar explores how the debates and practices around climate change as a new normal have the potential to be a game changer for humanitarian action: for the operational and financial challenges of an already overstretched system; for more environmentally friendly modes of intervention; but also for the humanitarian system as a whole.

Is climate change also a game changer for humanitarian action? CHA research fellow Andrea Steinke discusses this question with Véronique de Geoffroy, Groupe URD, and Paul Knox Clarke, Climate and Humanitarian Crisis Initiative (CHC).

This interactive event engendered a discussion among speakers and the audience on the persisting and intensifying challenges brought about by the negative effects of climate change. Moreover, it carved out the needs for the reform of humanitarian action and the possibilities for a fundamental reorientation of the humanitarian system, including its norms and mandates and the recurrent overlaps to the development and peace sector.

– Photo ZOA –