Climate Change and Humanitarian Action

The sixth online ICVA-PHAP learning stream on climate change and humanitarian action provides a platform for the broader humanitarian community to better understand how we can reduce the impact of climate change by accelerating our own action, while also increasing environmental sustainability in line with commitments made within the Climate and Environment Charter for Humanitarian Organisations.

This series will focus on practical ways of applying the Charter Commitments and sharing lessons learned on how the commitments can be translated into practice. The Learning Stream includes a series of webinars, starting with an overview of the Charter. All the webinars are open to anyone interested in improving their understanding of the Climate Charter.

The eight webinars/podcasts which are part of the learning stream::

  1. Understanding Climate Change Loss and Damage and Links to Humanitarian Action (2hrs)
  2. The Road to COP27: Strengthening humanitarian perspectives (2hrs)
  3. Understanding and integrating climate and environment risk data in humanitarian action (2hrs)
  4. Embracing the leadership of local actors and communities in climate action (2hrs)
  5. Practical tools and initiatives for reducing environmental impact in humanitarian action (2hrs)
  6. Maximising the environmental sustainability of our work (2hrs)
  7. Adapting to the Impacts of the Climate and Environmental Crises (2hrs)
  8. Introduction to the Climate and Environment Charter for Humanitarian Organisations (1hrs)
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