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Demystifying Humanitarian Financing

This online learning stream on Kaya, created by ICVA aims to explain the complex humanitarian financing landscape for NGO staff, whether they working in the field, on policy or at a HQ. The online learning stream includes short videos, papers and recorded webinars held in partnership with PHAP.

The online learning stream consists of 6 parts that touch on the following topics:

  1. The Humanitarian Financing Landscape – Realities and emerging trends for NGOs
  2. UN humanitarian funding – demystifying NGO access
  3. Pooled funding – how can NGOs engage?
  4. Bilateral funding – trends, challenges and opportunities for NGOs
  5. Private funding – a growing source for NGOs?
  6. The Grand Bargain and its impact on NGOs
Moayed Al Shaibani/Oxfam - Yemen

– Photo Moayed Al Shaibani/Oxfam –