Fuel to the flames: what if humanitarian action prolongs a conflict?

The first and foremost goal of humanitarian aid is to save lives. But what if humanitarian action unintentionally lengthens the duration, or becomes part of a conflict?

During this edition of Humanitarian Hot Topics, Jok Madut Jok of the South Sudanese think tank Sudd Institute, will give an introduction addressing the unintended consequences of humanitarian aid in South Sudan. His keynote speech is followed by a discussion between him and speakers from the humanitarian sector.


  • Jok Madut Jok: executive director of the Sudd Institute, a public policy research centre based in South Sudan, and professor of anthropology at the University of Juba in South Sudan.
  • Akke Boere: Operational Manager Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Amsterdam.
  • Bram Jansen: assistant professor at Wageningen University and Research. Main topics: refugees and forced migration, protracted refugee situations, and humanitarian aid.
  • Peter Heintze, coordinator of KUNO, is the moderator of the discussions.

This podcast is based on the recordings of a public debate organized by KUNO and Humanity House.

Listen to part 1 here.

Listen to part 2 here.

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