Migration: Idealism versus pragmatism

John Dalhuisen discusses the moral standing of humanitarian organisations in the migration debate. How should humanitarian organizations position themselves, now that the call for a fortress Europe is getting stronger? Should they make moral amends? Listen to the debate!

John Dalhuisen worked for many years at Amnesty International. He resigned in May 2018, expressing dissatisfaction with the organizational approach to migration. Now Dalhuisen works for the European Stability Initiative, the think tank of Gerald Knaus, architect of the Turkey Deal. According to Dalhuisen, humanitarian organizations are being imprisoned by their own idealism, especially when it comes to migration. They ignore the growing unease among European citizens when it comes to the arrival of large numbers of migrants. Instead of coming with workable solutions, they continue to propagate their moral standards. They lose the support and understanding of the public opinion, and make it possible for the extreme right winged and populists to predominate the discussion on migration, democracy and human rights.

On October 23, 2018, John Dalhuisen joined KUNO for a discussion about the ethical positioning of humanitarian organisations on the migration debate. This podcast includes the introductory plea to his argument.

- Photo Stichting Vluchteling -