Smruti Patel and Dirk-Jan Koch on the Decolonisation of aid – The role of the donor

n the webinars ‘The decolonization of aid’ KUNO, Partos, and The Institute of Social Studies (ISS) take one step back and approach the discussion on the decolonization of aid in a series of talks. Step by step, we highlight an aspect of this debate. We ask two experts to engage in a conversation with one another to explore the controversies and perhaps find some common grounds.

This podcast is the recording of the opening statements of Smruti Patel (Founder & Director Global Mentoring Initiative and Founder and Member of Alliance for Empowering Partnership) and Dirk-Jan Koch (Professor International Trade & Development Cooperation at Radboud University Nijmegen).

The full webinar with Patel and Koch is available under the title Decolonisation of aid: Dialogue #5 – The role of the donor (October 2021).