Smruti Patel and Dirk-Jan Koch on the Decolonisation of aid – The role of the donor

In the webinars 'The decolonization of aid' KUNO, Partos, and The Institute of Social Studies (ISS) take one step back and approach the discussion on the decolonization of aid in a series of talks. Step by step, we highlight an aspect of this debate. We ask two experts to engage in a conversation with one another to explore the controversies and perhaps find some common grounds.

This podcast is the recording of the opening statements of Smruti Patel (Founder & Director Global Mentoring Initiative and Founder and Member of Alliance for Empowering Partnership) and Dirk-Jan Koch (Professor International Trade & Development Cooperation at Radboud University Nijmegen).

The full webinar with Patel and Koch is available under the title Decolonisation of aid: Dialogue #5 – The role of the donor (October 2021).

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Photo: Oxfam Novib/Petterik Wiggers