System-Wide Change for Greater Accountability to People Affected by Crisis

Over the last decade, individual agencies, and the humanitarian sector as a whole, have made progress in becoming more accountable to people affected by a crisis. However, we are still facing substantial challenges in meeting the commitments we have made to affected people. Fundamentally, we need to work with affected communities, multilateral agencies, NGOs, civil society organisations, governments, and donors, to address the asymmetry of power that currently defines the relationship between humanitarian agencies and affected people. This requires a more cohesive, collaborative system-wide approach to seeing how we connect the incentives and break down the barriers that hold us back from making this change.

On 24 June 2022 the new IASC Task Force on Accountability to Affected People (AAP) organised a discussion on collective accountability. The aim of this discussion was  to generate new ideas and better understand what is needed to drive a system-wide change for greater collective accountability for people who have been affected by the crisis.

- Photo Kerk in Actie, Johannes Odé -