Online course

When disaster meets conflict

ISS has developed a new MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) as part of the project When Disaster Meets Conflict. The course is about disaster risk reduction and humanitarian aid in conflict settings. You can register for free.

This MOOC will teach you to develop accountable, high-quality and ethical responses to disaster in conflict-affected areas.

The E-course is meant primarily for practitioners, but also open to students or otherwise interested people. It stimulates participants to think about humanitarian aid, disaster risk reduction (DRR) and disaster response in contexts where conflict is ongoing, lingering, or has characterized the setting in recent times, as well as about the hard choices and dilemmas faced by humanitarian actors in conflict settings. Moreover, you will learn to distinguish the different challenges and effective, positive examples of aid in three types of conflict settings. Through videos, interviews, guest lectures and realistic case-studio, learning becomes both relevant and fun; everything you learn will be applicable for practice in the field.

Participation in the MOOC is free. Only if you want to receive a certificate, will we make a small charge.