Dorcas is a Christian relief and international cooperation organisation.

About Dorcas

Since 1980, Dorcas invests in lasting change in the lives of people who are marginalised. In the face of poverty, exclusion and crisis, they create opportunities for them to flourish. They do this on 3 levels. First, they create opportunities for people to develop themselves, providing basic necessities of life where necessary. Second, they invest in resilient communities that organise themselves and work together to find solutions. Lastly, they contribute to a just society, where everyone has the opportunity to participate.

Dorcas works in Eastern Europe, East Africa and the Middle East, reaching around one million people annually. They have branches in 14 countries led by local colleagues. Here, Dorcas invests in resilient communities, where everyone can participate. In the event of a disaster or crisis, Dorcas provides emergency aid and contribute to reconstruction. At the same time, they invest in structural solutions to poverty and exclusion. Decisiveness, integrity and love are at the heart of everything they do and are rooted in the Christian traditions.


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