Kerk in Actie

The aid organisation of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands.

About Kerk in Actie

Kerk in Actie provides emergency relief and recovery for the many people who are still victims of violence and natural disasters every day. Kerk in Actie also focuses on disaster prevention. They aim to make people resilient against climate change and other threats, and they are there for refugees, including in the Netherlands.

The Protestant Church in the Netherlands in Action is a worldwide community of people who believe in God and in each other. The Protestant Church in the Netherlands in action has two million members (of 17 million habitants) and over 1600 local congregations are active on behalf of their fellow men and women, near and far. “We are touched and inspired by Jesus Christ and the Bible’s call to take care of widows and orphans, prisoners and refugees. It is our calling to share what we have received.”

Kerk in Actie is part of the ACT Alliance network. ACT stands for Action by Churches Together. It is a global alliance of more than 145 churches and related organisations from over 120 countries, established to provide humanitarian aid to poor and marginalised people.


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