The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Department for Stabilisation and Humanitarian Aid (DSH), Humanitarian Aid Cluster.

About DSH

“The Department for Stabilisation and Humanitarian Aid (DSH) promotes stability: we support humanitarian assistance and reconstruction and promote peace and security, rule of law and good governance; before, during and after crisis situations.

The Netherlands have an interest in a stable world with fewer conflicts and better trade possibilities. We try to establish such an environment through humanitarian aid, reconstruction programmes and improvement of security, rule of law and governance. We focus on crisis situations, (post) conflict countries and fragile states and apply a context specific and flexible approach, which is conflict- and gender sensitive. Furthermore, we take an integrated approach in addressing conflict situations, combining security, development and diplomatic efforts into one coherent package. We look for solutions with our partners, within and outside government, on a national and international level. The Netherlands is a lead nation in applying such an integrated approach. And we’re proud of that. But we are only satisfied when human security and dignity visibly improve as a result of our efforts.” (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


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