Plan Nederland

Plan Nederland, founded in 1975, is member of the worldwide organization Plan International. The organization was founded in 1937, when the British war correspondent John Langdon Davies grew concerned about the plight of children in the Spanish Civil War. Plan is an international, humanitarian, child-focused development organization without political, religious or commercial goals.

Plan is working on sustainable poverty reduction and better living conditions for children in development countries, with special attention for equal rights and opportunities for girls. Plan has child focused community projects in 52 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Plan advocates for children’s rights and compliance with the convention on the Rights of the Child.

Plan is working for a world in which all children can develop fully and in which girls and boys enjoy equal rights and opportunities. A world that respects the rights and dignity of children and adults.

Emergency disaster relief
Plan grants humanitarian aid when natural disasters, droughts, famine, epidemics and armed conflict threaten the lives and future of (big) populations. Plan offers emergency relief and contributes to reconstruction in the areas where the organization works. Plan knows the communities and local and national structures and can take action quickly.

The way Plan works
To minimize the damage caused by a disaster, Plan prepares communities for disaster. People also get trained in what to do in a disaster. Plan prepares disaster plans and alarm systems and children practice at school what to do if disaster strikes. Plan often has a long track record of working with communities, and it is usually active in a community before a disaster strikes. In its emergency work Plan’s main expertise is on Child Protection and Education in Emergencies, but we also focus on sectors like Food Security and Livelihoods, Nutrition and WASH. In all of Plan’s work, Plan focuses especially on the needs of (adolescent) girls. Plan is a member of the ‘Samenwerkende hulporganisaties/Giro555 and the Dutch Relief Alliance.

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