"I am driven to connect global challenges to research and education." –Eefje

About me

I have studied and worked in humanitarian assistance/aid, post-disaster reconstruction, shelter and settlement, migration in Europe, and adaptation to climate change of the built environment for more than 10 years, especially in hazard prone areas in the global south. In my work I have collaborated with different (inter)national humanitarian organisations, including MSF, Cordaid, CRS. I am driven to connect global challenges to research and education. I lecture on topics including humanitarian engineering, disaster risk reduction, disaster resilience, methodology, and organize in-situ/fieldwork research for students.

In my work I aim to enhance resilience, safety and basic facilities for disaster and conflict affected populations in the global south and Europe. I lead the project “Enabling vulnerable communities to build back safer” funded by NWO. I work to scale up recovery assistance by understanding the widerimpact of humanitarian and governmental interactions in the built environment and develop target group specific assistance. I use knowledge exchange and co-creation processes to enhance awareness and application of safety risks and protective techniques. I initiate meaningful practice-oriented research collaborations with local actors.


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