"We support those who work on humanitarian challenges and who would like to develop their competence in negotiation so they can better support those in need of humanitarian assistance."

About me

My name is Leela and I work at the Clingendael Institute – The Netherland Institute of International Relations, and independent thinktank and academy on international affairs which aims to contribute to a secure, sustainable and just world.  As part of its management team, I head our training programme for the humanitarian sector. In this programme, we develop and provide training in negotiation skills, mediation skills and humanitarian diplomacy for aid workers and diplomats, with a particular focus on reaching national staff and/or local organisations.

Our aim is to help support negotiation processes that are needed to reach populations in need. We support these processes by working with stakeholders of the humanitarian space such  as frontline aid workers, senior managers, mediators and diplomats. We hope that through this work, we can create more possibilities for effective cooperation between those who work.

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