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The COVID-19 crisis has direct consequences for humanitarian work. Current responses need to adapt and NGOs have to prepare for possible COVID outbreaks in humanitarian settings. Challenges move from home-working and remote management for humanitarian professionals, to social distancing and hand hygiene in camp- or slum settings. One way, or the other, this pandemic will have a long-term impact on humanitarian practices. KUNO facilitates reflective discussion on these long-lasting impacts by hosting webinars and podcasts with humanitarian thinkers and practitioners.


The COVID-19 crisis will bring on challenges, but maybe also opportunities for the humanitarian work as we know it. It will influence developments all over the sector, it could spark new innovations, or become a booster for local leadership. In this dossier we aim to provide insights in these long-term effects of the COVID crisis. On the left you can find the articles, webinars and podcasts produced by KUNO related to COVID-19. Below you can find a selection of articles by relevant humanitarian thinkers on COVID impacts.

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External databases

For balanced overviews of COVID-19 related reports, studies, innovations we gladly refer to the following databases:

  • ALNAP Covid-19 Response Portal 
    A vast collection of guidelines, tools, papers and lessons learnt.
  • DCHI Covid-19 Resources for Humanitarian Innovators
    An inventory of innovative solutions for practical Covid-related challenges.
  • GOARN Knowledge Hub on Covid-19
    Curated by GOARN Partners including UN agencies, International and national NGOs, academic institutions and consortiums, the GOARN COVID-19 Information is a public platform for access to the best resources available to support your engagement in responding to this pandemic.
  • IHSA Humanitarian Blogs Selection
    IHSA is trialing a weekly collection of blog posts that relate to humanitarian crises, and the responses to crisis from people, communities, politicians, and humanitarians. In the first place, these will be posts and op-eds on the impact of COVID19 on crisis-affected communities and response capacities.
  • Reliefweb on Covid-19 
    ReliefWeb is covering the COVID-19 Pandemic, focusing on the countries with humanitarian situations, with information from the United Nations, INGOs, NGOs, aid organizations and the donor community.
  • The New Humanitarian
    The latest Coronavirus data and updates on how humanitarian aid is affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

Webinars on Covid-19

Covid-Café 2: Hoe Covid de wereld verandert met Michiel Servaes en Tineke Ceelen
Covid-Café 1: The Covid-crisis in the Global South
Covid-19 and the support of vulnerable and remote populations

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