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Changing dynamics: Southern leadership in humanitarian response

Changing dynamics: Southern leadership in humanitarian response
Petterik Wiggers/Cordaid
How can the international humanitarian sector stimulate and support Southern Leadership in Humanitarian Responses?

Field Coordinators are at the heart of humanitarian responses of the Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA), working in disaster areas world wide. Their role is to coordinate the joint response and shared activities between partners at field level. As an example of international consortia aiming to work more closely with and through local partners, the Field Coordinators are coming up against challenges around southern leadership on a daily basis. Using the opportunity of the Field Coordinators being in the Hague, the DRA and KUNO give the floor to them; what do they think is needed to stimulate Southern Leadership in humanitarian responses?

Smruti Patel, co-director of the Global Mentoring Initiative, facilitated a kick off with a setting of the scene, followed by the experiences and insights of the Field Coordinators for engaging local actors, and further discussions.

The panelists were:

  • Abdur Rauf Safi, Field Coordinator Afghanistan Joint Response
  • Joseph Kayi, Field Coordinator South Sudan Joint Response
  • Tino Muzivashi, Field Coordinator Sudan Joint Response
  • Ahmed Hussein, Field Coordinator Iraq Joint Response

Some of the questions that were be addressed:

  • How can we as international organisations better support local actors in humanitarian emergencies?
  • What is our role as international organisations when it comes to locally-led decision-making in humanitarian emergencies?
  • How is direct funding of local organisations best supported through existing international funding mechanisms like the DRA?

Read the report of this session here.

Changing dynamics: Southern leadership in humanitarian response 3

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