Crossing Boundaries! Operating between professional emergency response and citizens helping each other

Nick Youngson, Creative Commons
Nick Youngson, Creative Commons
On 18 April 2018, KUNO and Relief Base / Twente Safety & Security (University of Twente) organized the programme ‘Crossing Boundaries!’ at the international expo for operational relief workers at Twente Airport (eRIC). ‘Crossing boundaries!’ showcased best practices and new trends concerning cooperation with new and perhaps unexpected players in emergency response situations. Crossing Boundaries also focused on new developments, opportunities and risks related to the use of big (humanitarian) data.

Cooperation with citizens and other non-traditional crisis partners

= Leen Groen (Netherlands Red Cross): The changing role of citizens

= Professor Jose Kerstholt (TNO & University of Twente): How to prepare citizens to adaptively respond to crises

= Volker Stillig (Saxion University of Applied Sciences): Refugee crisis response – Germany

= Tjalke de Jong (Netherlands Institute for Healthcare and Welfare, NIGW): Vulnerable groups and crises

The Data

= Dr Kees Boersma (Free University Amsterdam): Digital humanitarians: promises and challenges

= Dr Lesley Broos (University of Twente & KienhuisHoving): Legal risks and preconditions for the use of data analytics


Click here to read the report to get more information on the speakers, their introductions and the subsequent debate.

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