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Debriefing of the Grand Bargain Annual Meeting

Debriefing of the Grand Bargain Annual Meeting
On 25 and 26 June 2020 the signatories of the Grand Bargain will meet (online) to discuss the proceedings over the last year, and needed next steps for the near future. DRA and KUNO organize an online debriefing of this meeting for their members on Friday 3 July at 11:00 AM. This meeting is invitation-only, for senior humanitarian staff at our member organizations.

The debriefing will be given by:

  • Christine Pirenne, Sherpa of the Grand Bargain, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Netherlands
  • Ane de Vos, Sous-Sherpa of the Grand Bargain, Manager Institutional Relations, ZOA.

Followed by an open discussion on results, challenges and opportunities.

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