Inclusiveness and diversity in humanitarian NGOs

Towards Risk-Sharing - Perspectives on localization and risk management in the context of Covid-19
In July KUNO organized a small meeting to reflect on a rather heated public discussion, also within the humanitarian sector. With Kiza Magendane and Amma Asante we discussed inequality related to (unintended) racism or as a result of old colonial relationships. It was an open discussion and there was a common understanding this discussion could touch upon different aspects. Furthermore, we were not finished: these aspects could use additional exploration.

It proved difficult to develop follow-up steps after July. Still KUNO feels we cannot leave this discussion about inequality behind.

Therefore, KUNO facilitates a dialogue on one of the topics we touched upon in July: equality, diversity and inclusiveness in our organizations and working relations. In a safe setting (Chatham House Rule) we would like to exchange experiences, learnings and good practices. KUNO asked Mariken Gaanderse to facilitate this online dialogue. Due to Covid, we will do this online, as a video conference. The session is scheduled on Thursday 11 February at 15:00 o’clock and is expected to last 90 minutes.

The aim of this dialogue is not the work towards solutions, it is first exploration of how our organizations cope with these issues – or not. If relevant, KUNO is more than happy to organize follow up session(s) to present specific tools or methods.

This event is for invitees only.

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