Diversity and Inclusion Road Trip - #5

Diversity & Inclusion Road Trip 2021
This is our search for good practices, courageous steps, possible answers to challenging questions, and hopefully many useful tools to strengthen diversity and inclusion in the humanitarian sector. We will offer inspiring examples, experienced speakers, a platform for questions and dialogue, and a safe space to discuss challenging dilemmas and hard concerns.


In the fifth session of the Diversity and Inclusion Road Trip, we will reflect on the question: How can organizations be as inclusive as possible in their internal and external communication?

This interactive session will start with an introduction from two speakers:

  • Lien Vandael, strategist at Allyens. Allyens has developed an inclusive communication check to test the communications of your organisation on inclusiveness for many different groups (people of colour, elderly people, people with a hearing impairment, colour-blind persons et cetera).
  • Ailing Eelman, freelance communication expert at Oxfam Novib. Oxfam Novib invited Allyens to run their inclusivity scan on their communications. Ailing will share new insights, lessons learned and discussions provoked by the Allyens check.

The KUNO Road Trip is moderated and organized by Bernice Feller Thijm (JustB), Mariken Gaanderse (OnPurpose), Otto Kamsteeg (OnPurpose) and KUNO.

For more information on the Road Trip, take a look here.


Missed this session? Or want to revisit what was shared? Check out the short blog post we wrote about it here. 

Input is appreciated

If you have good practices or useful tools you can share, please e-mail them to Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

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