Introduction to the Core Humanitarian Standard

KUNO presented a training on The Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS). The Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability teaches organisations and individuals how to ensure they deliver qualitative, effective and accountable humanitarian responses. The two-days training addressed the Nine Commitments as categorized by the CHS Alliance and the principles of Humanity, Neutrality, Impartiality and Independence.

The training included several topics:

  • Introduction to the Core Humanitarian Standard, background and key features
  • Humanitarian principles
  • Practical application of the 9 commitments
  • The verification framework

The training

The training on December 1st and 2nd has been successful. Participants from various backgrounds (and NGOs) signed up for this edition of the CHS training and brought different expertise to the table. It was an informative and interactive program, with lots of room for personal experiences.

The first day, after getting to know each other, the task was to dive into the challenges and opportunities of the humanitarian principles: Humanity, Neutrality, Impartiality and Independence. Besides that, the training focused on the first three results-oriented Commitments of the CHS. During open discussions, case studies, groupwork and interactive exercises such as roleplay, the group immersed with the content.

The remaining process-oriented commitments were addressed on the second day. This time the group practiced with the theory in a simulation game, which showcased the complexity of decision-making processes, taking the role as auditor in a CHS verification process and discussed various case studies. The training closed with a reflection of the past two days and a discussion on the ways CHS can play a role in the organisations of the participants.

Throughout the training, the open and confidential atmosphere invited everyone to share thoughts, ideas, questions and dilemmas. Participants drew on their own experiences in the humanitarian field by coming up with examples of challenges they faced. Good practices and lessons learned were shared frequently, creating a tangible connection between the theory behind CHS and real life implementations.

The Trainer

Tilleke Kiewied conducted the CHS-training, a familiar face to some. Tilleke has worked in the humanitarian sector for over 20 years in various roles. She previously worked at Oxfam Novib, and is nowadays independent trainer, facilitator and coach. She is a CHS approved trainer and an accredited partnership broker and associate of the Partnership Brokers Association. Application of humanitarian principles, standards and frameworks in a variety of contexts and in a variety of partnerships has been part of her working experience.

Curious and want to know more about the workshop or the CHS Alliance? Visit their website!

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