KUNO Covid-Café: How about COVID-19 in ... Afghanistan

KUNO Covid Café: the Covid-crisis in the Global South 1
KUNO presents a new series of Covid-Café’s on specific countries: Afghanistan, Colombia, and Zimbabwe. What are the specific challenges in these countries? What innovative solutions did humanitarians develop? How do local civil society organizations and international NGOs cope?

Cordaid & KUNO invite you to the online Covid-Café #6 on Afghanistan on Tuesday 3 November, 13:00 CET.


Afghanistan registered over 40.000 confirmed cases, but the Ministry of Public Heath indicates – based on a survey – that 31.5 percent of the population had contracted COVID-19; in Kabul 53 percent of the inhabitants are infected. The coronavirus is widespread and has a huge impact on the Afghan society: the fragile health system is overwhelmed, children that cannot go to school.

In this Covid-Café we will discuss the consequences of the pandemic on a fragile country as Afghanistan. What is the socio-economic impact on the population? What are the consequences of the pandemic for the peace process and for humanitarian action. And what happens if the coronavirus pushes Afghanistan to or over the brink? ‘Progress was very slow in Afghanistan, but now we have been pushed back 5 years,’ as a humanitarian professional indicated.

How do humanitarian practitioners in Afghanistan cope with these extreme challenges. And what should we learn from the Afghan Covid-19 experience?


  • Dr. Naimatullah Akbari, CEO of Afghan Horizon Consultancy Service, Public Health Specialist.
  • Dr. Hedayetullah Mushfiq, Healthcare Program Manager , Sciences for Health.
  • Jaap van Hierden, Country Director Afghanistan, Cordaid.

The Covid-Café on Afghanistan will be co-hosted by Paul van den Berg (Cordaid) and Peter Heintze (KUNO).

In the rather informal setting of the Covid-Café’s, we discuss challenges and opportunities. We invite participants to come forward with their questions and remarks. We seek to learn from the experience of humanitarians in different parts of the world. And we certainly hope to meet you in the next Covid-Café.

  • Afghanistan: Tuesday 3 November (13:00 CET) – presented by KUNO and Cordaid.
  • Colombia: Thursday 12 November (15:00 CET) – presented by KUNO and ZOA.
  • Zimbabwe: Thursday 26 November (14:00 CET) – presented by KUNO and ICCO.

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