KUNO Covid-Café: How Covid affects migrants and refugees

KUNO Covid Café: the Covid-crisis in the Global South 1
The Covid-19 crisis is posing a challenge to the world in unprecedented ways and it is influencing our daily lives. It will most definitely also change our work in the humanitarian sector. This needs to be discussed: with humanitarian professionals, with policymakers, academics, and certainly also with a broader audience: citizens that are firmly interested this topic, but who may also have worries. This is why KUNO in cooperation with partners, is introducing the KUNO Covid Café. Every week we organize an online café, to discuss the changing world with inspiring speakers and a wide audience.

The first series of the Covid-Café will be a joint Oxfam Novib – KUNO effort.

In this fifth episode of the Café we talked about the consequences of Covid on migrants and refugees with the following speakers:

Mary Monday, she works for I CAN – a refugee-led Community-Based Organization (CBO) operating in the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement, Yumbe District, Northern Uganda,

Iain Byrne, Head of Refugee and Migrant Rights and Deputy Programme Director (ag.), Global Issues Programme, Special Advisor, Strategic Litigation, Amnesty International – International Secretariat on the 14 principles of protection for migrants and displaced people during Covid-19,


Evelien van Roemburg, the Europe Migration Campaign Manager for Oxfam International on the work of Oxfam in Greece and Italy around the Covid-response

A short report on this Covid Café can be read here.

The KUNO Covid-Café is a low-key webinar, which you can enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee, at the end of your work day. It’s a great opportunity to stay in touch on relevant developments within our sector, and to discuss with the guest speakers via the chat in the webinar. You can also e-mail any questions you may have beforehand to kuno@kuno-platform.nl, we will then do our best to incorporate them into the webinar.

(Re-)watch the webinar here:

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