KUNO Summer Course 2019

KUNO Summer Course 2019 2
Have you recently started working in the humanitarian field and are you looking for a solid kick-start? Or are you an experienced humanitarian professional looking for a thorough update? The KUNO Summer Course is there for you.

After last year’s success, KUNO will organize another Summer Course. In this two-day course, humanitarian academics and experienced humanitarian professionals will discuss all relevant aspects of humanitarian work. A mixture of practical knowledge, debates and working sessions, will feed your brain, enhance your efficiency as a humanitarian worker and strengthen your network.

Preliminary programme July 17, 18:

  • Day 1 morning – Global humanitarian governance; including a changing context, new actors and scenarios for humanitarian action 
  • Day 1 afternoon –  Humanitarian principles & International Humanitarian Law;  including access, humanitarian negotiations
  • Day 2 morning – Humanitarian efficiency and effectivity (WHS, Grand Bargain); including WHS, Grand Bargain.
  • Day 2 afternoon – Innovation in the humanitarian sector

*Update* Extensive programme now online

Speakers Summer Course

Each speaker will lead one of the four sessions;

–  Katrien Coppens (TBC): Delegate General Director, Medecins Sans Frontieres, on principles, access and negotiations.

–  Thea Hilhorst: Professor of Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction, Institute of Social Studies, on global humanitarian governance

–  Hans van den Hoogen: Senior Humanitarian Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on efficiency & effectivity.

–  Thomas Baar: HumanityX, Centre for Innovation Leiden University, on humanitarian innovation.

Additional Morning Session - July 19 (optional) (To be confirmed)

This year we are close to introducing an additional morning session about humanitarian action in the disaster area: what to expect when you arrive? An experienced field officer will guide you through the do’s and don’ts for a humanitarian officer in the field. This session is offered as a separate learning session, but can be added as an additional module to the summer course. This course is freely accessible for KUNO-members and non-members can participate in this session for €150, -.

Interested? This course is open for registration and you will receive an e-mail if the event is confirmed to proceed.

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